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Professional Filming & Photography


Professional Filming and Photography at the Lighthouse


All professional filming and photography requests must be directed to the museum registrar Felipe De Paula by phone at (386) 761-1821 ext. 23 or by email at fdepaula@ponceinlet.org.


Scheduling Information


  • Professional filming and photography must be done by appointment at least two business days in advance. If you cannot keep this appointment, you must reschedule a new time and date subject to our approval.
  • Filming before the museum opens to the public is encouraged so as to not interfere with the experience of the museum’s regular visitors.
  • Museum admission fees may be waived, depending on the intended use of your images.
  • Copies of all images or videos must be made available to the museum.


General Rules


  • Do not block the tower stairs or entrances to buildings and exhibit spaces.
  • Large equipment (e.g., cranes, umbrellas, booms, and heavy tripods) are not allowed in the lighthouse tower or museum buildings. Bright lighting and flash photography are not allowed in the exhibit areas. Do not place equipment or other items on exhibit cases.
  • The light station is a National Historic Landmark. Because of the historic nature of the site and to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors, drones are not allowed within 500 feet of the grounds.
  • A staff member must accompany you during the entire duration of your stay.
  • Please comply with directions from all staff while at the lighthouse.
  • Foods, drinks, and smoking are not allowed on the lighthouse grounds. Water fountains are available in three locations.
  • Since the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse tower is an active aid to navigation, its lantern room is not open to visitors with the exception of the special escorted tour programs Climb with the Keepers and Climb to the Moon. Professional photography and filming in the lantern room may be permitted in special cases at the discretion of the museum’s curatorial department.


Proof of Insurance Required


  • We will need proof that you are insured for any accident or injury that may befall you and/or your staff while on our premises and that you have Workers Compensation Insurance for your staff. You must also show evidence that any independent contractors accompanying you have their own insurance. We require that you are insured for the cost of any damages to the Fresnel lens, the rotational mechanism, or any other lighthouse equipment or property as a result of your climb and/or your presence in the lantern room.  The museum must be listed as an additional insured under the Description of Operations on your general liability insurance policy. 


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