Thanksgiving Gifts Celebrated at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 3:25PM

Thanksgiving Gifts Celebrated at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Having the family visit the National Historic Landmark Ponce De Leon Lighthouse on Friday, Saturday or Sunday over the four-day Thanksgiving Holiday is becoming a local tradition for many. Like those others folks, why not inject into the weekend a little history, the thrill of the climb, and those incredible vistas from the top of the seventeen-story Brick Giant lighthouse tower?

Other families have made this visit a cherished custom. On this special day it isn’t just the climb to the top and the experience of being at a cornerstone of the history of nautical navigation! It’s also your kids being able to visit the past and meet historical reenactors of 19th century lighthouse keepers and their families. It might even be your children playing early-time games, learning about family life and chores at the “1887” lighthouse, or even taking home a long-ago, hand-made craft, just like the lighthouse kids of that time made.

“This special Ponce Inlet Lighthouse day is appropriately called Ponce Inlet Lighthouse’s Thanksgiving Gifts. While the lighthouse museum will still offer its outstanding historic museum exhibits, and the exhilarating vista from seventeen stories high, this special day is the perfect companion to share with visitors. It’s a great alternative to Black Friday,” said Zach Hopple, Programs Manager at the lighthouse.

Admission to the special day program will be included in the regular Ponce Inlet Lighthouse fees. The special programs are on tap from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information please contact the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse at 386-761-1821, Extension 18 or visit either the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Calendar of Events page at to learn more about the day and other scheduled activities.

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