5 Lighthouse Gifts That Will Fill Your Home with Eternal Summer

Tue, Jul 07, 2020 at 3:50PM

5 Lighthouse Gifts That Will Fill Your Home with Eternal Summer

Summer is underway and as circumstances have forced many of us to stay inside, it may be harder to enjoy the things we like to normally do this time of year. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse gift shop not only offers an opportunity to indulge in our incredible selection of nautical and lighthouse-themed merchandise, it also affords you the chance to fill your house with mementos of summer and all of your favorite summertime activities, like spending a day at the beach or climbing the famous stairs of our well-manicured lighthouse. Additionally, a significant portion of our operating funds are generated through the gift shop which means all your purchases help us keep the lighthouse perfectly preserved! Continue reading for 5 perfect gift ideas to fill your home with eternal summer and the warm glow of sunshine.

Acrylic Sea Turtle Dish

March through October is sea turtle nesting season, which means thousands of turtles come to Florida’s shores to lay their eggs, resulting in mass hatchings later in the year. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes steal a glimpse of a mother making landfall and digging her nest in a quiet spot on the beach. It takes much less luck to purchase this wonderful acrylic turtle dish, which is both decorative and functional and it’s perfect to use as a candy, fruit, or trinket bowl. Measuring in at approximately 11 inches by 9 inches, this dish is the perfect reminder of Florida wildlife – who doesn’t love a harmless sea turtle? Check it out here.

Lighthouse Metal Model

This interactive gift requires a fun bit of assembly and rewards you with a bedazzling 3D model of our very own Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. All you must do is cut out the pieces from steel sheets and bend some tabs through their corresponding points to yield a free-standing, metallic lighthouse. It’s lightweight – weighing in at one pound – but it is sure to be the focal point of attention in any room you put it in. Make some fun memories with loved ones and assemble it together, then enjoy your hard work with this fabulous replication of the lighthouse

Acrylic Painting Print

Very aptly named, this print of an acrylic painting – entitled “Center of Attention” – perfectly captures the scene of our lighthouse nearly hidden amidst the sand dunes of the beach. Painted by incredible local artist, Debbie Boyd, this print allows you to feel like you’re right there on the sands of the Ponce Inlet beaches with the lighthouse just barely in the distance. The beauty of our surrounding area is the perfect complement to our pristine lighthouse. Bring the beach to any room of your home with this marvelous print.

Lighthouse Cups and Glasses

The summer brings heavy heat and humidity that feels like it just clings to the skin, so keeping a cold drink handy is a must! Imagine sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade out of a custom Ponce Inlet Bahama glass, featuring the lighthouse tower and coastal floral scenery, or sangria out of a wine glass laser-etched with an image of the lighthouse. Our gift shop offers a wide array of themed drinkware that is perfect for anything – coffee, water, juice, liquor, etc. – and is sure to fill your home with an extra dash of summer. Buy them today here.

Lighthouse Wall Clock

This item is perfect for taking out two birds with one stone: a beautiful ceramic wall clock adorned with the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and other nautical imagery. No matter which wall you hang this on, it will immediately attract attention and fill your room with summertime energy. This is the perfect upgrade for any living space in your home with a clock, especially if you love the lighthouse as much as we do. Tell the time and feel like you’re right here visiting us again at the same time. 

Of course, we are proud to offer a much larger selection than just the items mentioned above and you can find everything at our online shop, https://www.lighthouselocker.org/. All proceeds will help to continue maintenance on the lighthouse and fund the Association’s ongoing missing to preserve and disseminate the social and maritime history of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

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