Ponce Inlet Lighthouse COVID-19 Safety Information

Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 12:30PM

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse COVID-19 Safety Information

Are you planning a visit the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum but are concerned about COVID-19? You can rest assured that strict COVID-19 mitigation strategies are in place and that museum staff members are working hard to ensure your future visit is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Please review this important COVID-19 related information before your arrival. 

  • Please ensure you are healthy and not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 prior to visiting the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.
  • A mandatory mask policy is currently in place. Visitors and staff are required to wear masks inside all buildings and enclosed spaces in accordance with CDC recommendations. Please make sure you bring a mask for all members of your party if you plan to visit.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the historic grounds. Please sanitize your hands frequently while touring the museum.
  • Frequently touched surfaces including doors, handles, railings, and exhibit cases are cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day for the safety of the general public and lighthouse staff. 
  • Visitors are asked to practice social distancing whenever possible by maintaining a minimum six-foot separation from others. When social distancing is not possible, please restrict group sizes to 10 people or less.
  • Building occupancy restrictions are currently in place. Visitors may be required to wait to enter the museum's main entrance/gift shop when they arrive. 
  • Tower occupancy is currently limited to 20 visitors at at time. Please be prepared to wait before entering the tower during the museum's peak hours of visitation.
  • Passing lanes have been created on each of the tower's seven staircase landings. Please pass fellow climbers on these landings and not on the stairs.
  • Please enter and exit buildings through designated entrance and exit doors only.
  • Please follow the directional arrows displayed in each building.
  • The Woodshed Theater and Radio Room Building are currently closed to the public due to the inability to maintain social distancing within these small structures.
  • All interactive exhibits and touch-screen kiosks are currently closed for COVID-19 safety reasons.
  • All previously scheduled special event workshops and activities have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Summer camp tours are not currently available due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 safety rules and mitigation strategies listed above are in place for the safety the general public and museum staff. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. We are all in this together.


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