How To Enjoy Your Easter At Home

Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 12:08PM

How To Enjoy Your Easter At Home

In light of recent events, so many facets of our everyday life have suddenly become more difficult or altogether out of reach as closures and cancellations continue nationwide. However, it will still be entirely possible to have a perfect Easter with family in the safety and comfort of your own home! That’s right – you won’t even have to go outside if you follow these easy tips on how to have a perfect holiday.

Cook A Delicious Easter Dinner Together

Celebrate the occasion with a holiday-appropriate dinner! It doesn’t matter if certain ingredients are missing from your pantry, you can stay home and order groceries to be delivered safely right to your front door. Even if you’ve stocked up on Chef Boyardee and ramen, you can have lamb and asparagus delivered fresh in time for an unforgettable Easter meal! Don’t forget some tasty candy for your little ones, of course.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Speaking of groceries, all you need are some eggs and your choice of dyes, paints, or markers to unleash the full potential of your creativity. You won’t have to leave the house to attend an egg painting party when you can host your own! Don’t be afraid of a little mess, it will be well worth it to see the delight in your young ones’ eyes or the fond memories of youth for your older participants. Try to see who can paint the best flower or the cutest animal on their egg and put them all together in an Easter nest when you’re done.

Put Together Easter Baskets

It wouldn’t be Easter without waking up to a basket of all your favorite goodies! Try putting together a basket for everyone in your home so that everyone can indulge in the delight of sifting through the things that make them happy. It doesn’t need to be filled with just candy either, each basket can have an assortment of small toys and other goodies – you can even include some of your painted eggs! Go the extra mile and try to set a theme for each basket based on who or what its recipient loves especially. Don’t hesitate to use our online store,, to have the perfect gift delivered for anyone in your home.

Hunt For Eggs

Use every nook and cranny of your home to deviously hide eggs and other treats like candy for everyone else to find! A classic Easter egg hunt will be just as exciting within the confines of your home, nobody will have to go digging through any bushes to find their surprises but they can just as easily find some in the shower or underneath the kitchen sink. You can even leave some clues for everyone to solve in order to hunt down the next location of their treasure. At the conclusion of your egg hunt, count up everyone’s total and see who won! Of course, everyone will be a winner as you all dig into your Easter treats.

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