Celebrate Earth Day 2021 in Beautiful Ponce Inlet

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 10:55AM

Celebrate Earth Day 2021 in Beautiful Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet is not only home to the tallest lighthouse in Florida but also to several parks and a beach full of wildlife. The beauty and intricate balance of nature surround our iconic lighthouse. This year make Ponce Inlet the center of your Earth Day celebration. Read on to learn more about Earth Day and the best spots in town for witnessing wildlife.

What is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day in America was celebrated in 1970 and then every year on April 22nd by at least 192 nations throughout the world. The Environmental Protection Agency was tasked in 1970 to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment: air, water and land. The effects of pollution were examined. Steps were taken to prevent further destruction of the Earth’s environment. Earth Day has become a yearly reminder to protect and preserve our Earth’s beauty, its resources and delicate environmental balance. Ponce Preserve hosts a Ponce Preserves the Planet Day every year in March.

Experience nature and wildlife in Ponce Inlet

Ponce Preserve Park is located just after you enter Ponce Inlet.  It boasts walkways and trails which extend from the Halifax River to the Atlantic Ocean. You will encounter wetlands, patches of palmettos, Live Oaks and wildlife. At the heart of Ponce Preserve is the Green Mound State Archaeological Site. This ancient site is the location of a shell mound formed by the local Native American tribes between 800 and 1600 CE.

Lighthouse Point Park is located at the end of A1A in Ponce.  It provides space to park and view the mouth of the Inlet in all directions. Explore the boardwalks to discover native plant life.  You might see a Gopher Tortoise in the sand and Sea Oats. Venture onto the beach to see shorebirds like Brown Pelicans, Gulls, and Snowy Egret. Discover Ghost Crabs and seashells in the soft, sugary sand.  Look out into the Atlantic Ocean and you might spot a dolphin surface.

Visit the park surrounding the Lighthouse

Just outside the Lighthouse grounds is a lovely park shaded by Live Oaks. Squirrels and small birds are in constant activity. The pirate ship playground stokes the imagination of any child.  Relax in the coolness under the canopy of trees. Take in views of the majestic, red lighthouse from various observation points.

Discover our Lighthouse, Museum and Gift Shop

Climb 175 feet to the top of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Experience breathtaking views of waterways, land, and native plant life. Enjoy the natural beauty occurring on our Earth. Viewing it reminds us why we want to preserve, maintain, and protect it.  Visit the Lighthouse museum to learn about the maritime history, purpose, and preservation of our magnificent light.

You can be a part of preserving this historical landmark.  Your admission and gift shop dollars maintain and keep the Lighthouse shining.  Climb the spiral staircase. Experience the stunning views of the Halifax River, the Inlet, and the Atlantic Ocean.  See the magnificence of nature and its amazing balance surrounding Ponce Inlet Lighthouse in every direction. Make this earth day one to remember!

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