5 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Ponce Lighthouse Wedding

Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 12:20PM

5 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Ponce Lighthouse Wedding

Weddings are some of the most exciting, unforgettable celebrations for the bride, groom, and guests alike. Ensure your special day is seamless and beyond magical with these five tips, making your wedding at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse one for the books. 

Guest List

Typically, one of those most exciting yet daunting tasks of wedding planning is making the guest list. You’ll want to throw everyone you know on there, but simply, there isn’t always the space or money. The biggest expense of your wedding, though dependent on the number of guests, will be costs per head, so strategically and selectively inviting people is likely in your best interest. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse holds intimate wedding ceremonies with 50 guests or less, meaning that you only have to worry about inviting the closest people in you and your future spouse’s life, leaving the immense stress of larger weddings behind.

If you’re having trouble here, make an initial list. Whittle it down little by little, in rounds, until you hit 50.

Food and Drinks

A Wedding is an exciting and unforgettable celebration for the bride, groom, and guests alike. When choosing a caterer, you will need to keep in mind the needs or restrictions of your guests. Does anyone have food allergies? Are there any vegetarians or vegans? Are there people with otherwise restrictive diets? These are all critical questions you need to consider when making your catering decisions. You should always have at least one vegetarian option (or better yet, vegan); it’s always a good idea in case anyone’s diet needs change from your wedding planning time and the wedding itself. And most importantly, make sure it’s delicious! Sample the entire menu for your wedding, and don’t settle for anything less than delectable.

The bar will likely be one of the most popular stops for the guest, meaning you’ll want to make this part extra special.

If you’re inviting guests that drink, an open bar is not only a safe bet but usually an expectation. Many weddings provide guests with a wide variety of drink options including non-alcoholic beverages like soda, tea, and coffee; lower alcohol content choices like beer, wine, and hard cider; and a variety of spirits for mixed drinks and a signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is a great idea to leave a lasting memory on your guests; they’ll always remember where they had the best French 75 of their life!


It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the different costs that go into a wedding. Though these costs may not seem so daunting when you look at these expenses individually, they add up quickly. Weddings often strive for the following distribution of budget: 48-50% for reception and ceremony; 8-10% for flowers; 8-10% for attire; 8-10% for music or other entertainment; 10-12% for photo or video; 2-3% for gifts; 8% for other miscellaneous things, like a day-of coordinator. Make sure to allot an extra 5-10% of the budget for unexpected expenses that may catch you off guard, like food for the wedding party on the day-of, or buying ponchos for a spell of bad rain. Of course, your wedding is unique and will have its own special needs, so adjust accordingly!


Organization isn’t just a good idea when planning your wedding – it’s essential. Nailing down deadlines is one of the most important things to do first. Keep in mind that wedding preparation processes, like for example, getting your wedding dress, will need to be done 6+ months in advance if it needs to be made, shipped, and subsequently altered. This also applies to the groom’s tux, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen tuxes, and whoever else is getting specially ordered attire.

Figure out your deadlines for getting all your vendors is critically important. You should have the photography, flowers, music, and any other day-of specialties booked months in advance. Especially if you’re having a Saturday wedding, or one during high in-demand times of year, you will likely be competing with other people for those dates, so make sure to get the vendors and suppliers in line as soon as possible.

Lastly, make sure to get your wedding invites out with lots of time to spare for the guests to respond. If you’re having a lot of people come out of town to your Lighthouse wedding, they’ll need that time to prepare travel arrangements and hotel accommodations. So, make sure to set that wedding date as soon as possible, and send out your save the dates as soon as you can for your loving guests!

Celebrate You and Your Spouse

Never forget the magic of why this day is happening – it’s getting married to your soulmate! Spend lots of time before the wedding together just enjoying one another and not working on wedding planning details; go on trips, enjoy date nights, and spend intimate days at home.

Make sure to add lots of personal flair to the wedding. Guests are there to celebrate your love, and seeing little unique reminders of it scattered throughout the celebration will warm their hearts, making them say, “that’s so them!”. Think about the music, the colors, the outfits, the favors, and the decorations here. Make it all you for your perfect day!

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