5 Gifts to Brighten Up Anyone's Day

Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 12:55PM

5 Gifts to Brighten Up Anyone's Day

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is more distance between us and our loved ones than ever before. This separation can make it easy to lose sight of the things that really matter, like friends and family. Although many of us continue to practice COVID-19 safety recommendations including social distancing and self-quarantine, we can still reach out to the people we care about over the phone, through social media, and online gift-giving. Continue reading to learn more about featured products and other lighthouse and nautical-themed merchandise currently available in the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse gift shop and on the museum's e-commerce website at www.lighthouselocker.org.

Anchor Bucket Bag

As temperatures continue to warm up, this bag is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to keep a cold drink handy while they enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. This bag functions as a collapsible cooler with six interior pockets intended to fit six beverage containers and a center compartment that is meant to be filled with ice to keep those drinks chilled. A drain hole at the bottom of the bag ensures that you do not get a lot of standing water. This water-resistant recycled sailcloth bag has a stylish navy-blue anchor sewn into its exterior. Check it out here.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Cutting Board

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time in their kitchen getting in touch with their inner chef, especially as we spend more time indoors preparing our own food. A beautiful image of the lighthouse is carved into one side of this laser-cut wood cutting board, and the other side is intended for your culinary work. Whether it is kept on display or being used to cut up tonight’s dinner, this gift is versatile and perfect for any kitchen. Find it at by clicking here.

Dolphin Birthstone Ring

A popular pick, these beautiful palladium rings are molded in the shape of a dolphin and will come adorned with the birthstone of your choice so that it is a perfect match for any recipient. Available in sizes five through ten, you can find the perfect fit for anyone. Turn your loved one into the envy of the town – or more appropriately, social media – when they get to show off their new accessory. Take a look at the ring here and make sure you select the perfect gem.

Nelly the Stuffed Lighthouse Cat

Gone but never forgotten, our friendly lighthouse cat, Nelly, lives on forever in our hearts and she can live on forever in the living room or bedroom of whoever you choose to gift this to as well. Living in isolation, especially working from home, can be a whole new source of stress as we adjust to this way of life and there isn’t much that works better to alleviate that than a soft stuffed animal to squeeze or keep nearby. Perfect for anyone at any age, you can find Nelly right here.

Lotion, Fragrances, and More

One bright side to our increased time at home is that it means we do have more time to focus on taking care of ourselves, which is what matters most. While everything has moved home, it can make things more hectic in the place where we are supposed to be able to relax. Peruse our selection of body scrubs, fragrances, candles, and more to find the perfect gift for someone who you think needs to just pause for a few minutes and focus on taking care of themselves instead of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of being quarantined. Find our entire selection of body care goods here.

Of course, we are proud to offer a much larger selection than just the items mentioned above and you can find everything at our online shop, https://www.lighthouselocker.org/. All proceeds will help to continue maintenance on the lighthouse even while it remains closed during this pandemic. It’s more important than ever to reach out to everyone close to you to remind them that we’re still here for each other and our themed gifts can serve that purpose perfectly.

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